Essay on The American Wing Of The Civil War Era Gallery

Essay on The American Wing Of The Civil War Era Gallery

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In Germany, an artist named Otto Boetticher who came to the United States around 1850 and he painted his creation the Seventh Regiment on Review, Washington Square, New York. This painting can be found in the American Wing of the Civil War Era gallery, accession number 54.90.295. The collection the painting belongs to is the “The Edward W. C. Arnold Collection of New York Prints, Maps, and Pictures, Bequest of Edward W. C. Arnold, 1954.” The painting is oil on canvas painting in 1851. As the painting is found in the American Wing of the Civil War Era gallery, the painting is surrounded by many other paintings from the same era. In the nineteen century, genre painting has been a popular concept in fine art/painting. Genre painting is to capture situations and scenes of everyday life/event. In the mid-nineteen century, it was not easy to live as an American because the country was going through many different transformations, including the Civil War, as this changed the fate of the United States.
The first thing I notice when looking at the painting is how grand and orderly the military looks, and I can see how determined and confident the soldier looks on their faces. They look prepared, neatly suited, well trained, and really to fight and defend their state and country. The marching soldiers stand out in the painting, and I believe that the artist Otto took the most time to paint the soldiers. You can clearly see the facial details and expressions of each soldier. The next thing that appeals to me in the painting is the background buildings, as they also stand out in the picture, and the details of the building are clearly painted.
The painting seems to be created from looking from above down to the park and the painter 's att...

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...view, Washington Square, New York, which depicting the gathering of the Seventh Regiment on the northwest corner of the Washington Square parade ground. Before painting the Seventh Regiment, Otto Boetticher was once a solider and captain of the Prussian Army. Later on, Otto Boetticher becomes a painter who interested in painting military scenes and the life of the soldiers. This type of painting is considered a genre painting and was very popular at the time. In Boetticher’s genre paintings, they can tell many different stories about what happened throughout the 1800s, especially during the time near the American Civil War. The Seventh Regiment is one of his most popular paintings that tells the many stories of what the Civil War was about to become, and many people can see that it can tell the story about what happened before the war, captivating the audience.

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