The American Welfare System Is The Provision Of A Minimal Wellbeing Of Its People Through Social Services

The American Welfare System Is The Provision Of A Minimal Wellbeing Of Its People Through Social Services

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The American Welfare System
The American Welfare System is the provision of a minimal wellbeing of its people through social services. Public Aid, what its commonly referred to, can be traced back to the Roman Empire and other kingdoms before it. The first Roman emperor use to provide grain to the citizens that wasn’t able to afford food on a monthly basis. Emperor Trajan (c. 1000 AD China) provided his citizens with many programs that are considered social welfare. There were retirement homes, public clinics, and ‘paupers’ graveyards. In the early years of England there was a law that was passed that made welfare official, named the English Poor Law of 1601. Any country that is a great country or that is trying to establish a good social stabilization, will have a welfare system in place.
Welfare in America have changed over the decades. In the beginning of the country, the colonies had to import the British Poor laws. These laws made a distinction between the disabled and the able-bodied but unemployed. The disabled group of people was helped with cash and various forms of aid from the government. The latter group was assisted through a provided public service employment in workhouses.
During the 1800’s there were numerous attempts to reform the way the government dealt with the poor. One of the major ideas for change was, to put the poor to work rather than paying for their continuous need of assistance. Social caseworkers were put in place to visit the poor, and trained them in morals and work ethic. Civil War Pension Program was added in 1862, which provided help to the Civil War Veterans and their families.
It was not until the Great Depression, when the welfare system got its biggest changes of all. Wh...

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... it’s a good start.
In a case survey held in Orange County California in 1997, four hundred and fifty cases were randomly chosen for an evaluation. Out of the 450 recipients, 201 of them had falsified information in order to qualify. In 67 of those cases, they lied unnecessarily, since they would have qualified anyway. 46 of the cases were eligible for criminal prosecution, 21 pleaded guilty and awaits court dates. A few defendants were sentenced to jail time and or community service. Overall out of the 450 that was investigated 45% of the cases contained some kind of discrepancy.
The system was created and amended numerous times to serve the needy, not for those who wish to take advantage of “free” money. Tax payers pay into the programs and we want the money to be there when really need it. Abusing the system is abusing our fellow Americans and our own futures.

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