American Welfare And Financial Aid Programs Essay

American Welfare And Financial Aid Programs Essay

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Many American welfare and financial aid programs were implemented during the Great Depression to assist the general public while other means of income were scarce. Since the nation has recovered from such a time of hardship, public assistance programs have remained in effect for the individuals unable to independently support themselves due to job loss, child bearing, disabilities, and many other emergencies. While such assistance is necessary for the rehabilitation of our economy as a whole, many individuals may be receiving supplements from the government to use on unintended means. To limit the amount of abusers to the system, I believe drug tests should be required in addition to applications for government aid.
I believe government aid should be a temporary relief resource for individuals looking for replacement income. While I have no say on how long people can receive this assistance, it is clear that some individuals stay on the aid longer than intended. I see no problem with longer term government provided income, as long as receiving individuals treat it as a job. Before doing any research, I can confidently say many jobs require a drug screening before and even during employment. If working Americans, who are earning their salary, are forced to take a drug test, I believe it’s fair to ask everyone receiving income to do the same, no matter how they receive their income.
Though I haven’t gathered any legitimate research yet, I am aware that relatively few individuals take advantage of the system in place. Unfortunately, one person trading away their unneeded food stamps for cigarettes is enough to cause suspicion for an entire group. I have previously seen statistics showing the amount of tax dollars from working ind...

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... standpoint, I find his argument nearly impossible to disprove.
After conducting research and looking through many perspectives, it is difficult for me to defend my original stance. While I still believe it is ethically wrong for welfare and government supplement recipients to abuse the programs for drug use, it is just as unethical to assume everyone is abusing that same power. There are other methods of weeding out drug abusers that don’t conflict with the law, such as the written assessment Lewis suggests. If tax payers are so rattled at the thought of supplements being used not as intended, the thought of spending extra money to uncover faults in our assistance programs should be disgusting. After this perspective-changing research, I can say it is time to rid of our egotistic attitude to let the programs in place do as they were meant- help the people in need.

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