American vs. Japanese Automobiles Essay

American vs. Japanese Automobiles Essay

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Getting a car is an intricate process as there are so many factors to consider. Factors that can be daunting if proper research of the vehicle are not done. Everyone wants to make the most of what they pay for and wants to make sure that his or her car is of the best quality. There are a quite few makes of cars available with quality guaranteed but two of the major would be the American and Japanese made cars. Both are excellent car builders and provide good fuel efficiency vehicles that are cost efficient. However, there are some facts and details that can influence buyers to choose one make over the other, this includes: performance, reliability, and resale value.
Some American made cars are not built with the elegance of the Japanese cars. The engine is likely to be larger and can be quite louder, their vehicles are less reliable and safety consideration is even less. So, with this, they are known to be inferior to Japanese cars. Speaking of which, Japanese cars are known for their sleek look and speed capabilities, they are a popular choice among Americans. When in fact the Japa...

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