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In America child labor laws are in place as well as regular health inspections and frequent yet spontaneous visits by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, who closely monitors work stations. Running water and flushable toilets are conventional in all American homes as well as a refrigerator, store bought products, air conditioning; at least one car per home, cell phones, computers, a TV, and privileged children who must attend school till the age set forth by the state in which they hold residence. These are things twenty first century democratic America is accustomed to and is able to have consequently due to a wealthy economy and endless opportunities to obtain a steady income, unlike foreign countries supported by sweatshops. While America is correct to assume the conditions in which employees hired by these companies work are morally unacceptable, popular solutions often indicate how unethical treatment of employees should be countered if the problem were in America where safer equal income opportunities are available excluding the exploitation of employees found in inhumane sweatshop conditions.
Several reasons attribute to why sweatshops should be shut down. Children are put in tiny dangerous spaces, mangling many of them and costing those fingers, arms, legs, and other extremities. Employees are believed to work outrageous hours in comparison to the eight hour westernized work day making only cents a day versus the American minimum wage of seven twenty-five. These are reasonable terms on which to be angered, areas with wealthier economies are unable to undoubtedly comprehend reverting to work in the previously described occurring circumstances without the first-hand experience and want a...

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...ed States labor standards. If Americans were to enforce a minimum wage and U.S’s current work conditions in factories in the developing world, then there would be no reason for companies and manufacturers to build there. The only answer is to let the country itself develop through the slow but steady incline of economic and environmental standards. But to remove the advantages such as sweatshops would force workers back into destitution or relying on unpredictable subsistence farming.
As outrageous as it may sound, far from being evil sweatshops are a necessary rung on the ladder of economic development and lifts millions of people out of poverty across the still developing world. The current generation greatly impacts the lifestyles of others and with such responsibility breeds ignorance; People should educate themselves in any aspect before forming prejudice.

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