Essay about American Star, Model, And Singer

Essay about American Star, Model, And Singer

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Arman Jahangiri
Sociology 001 Term Paper: Lindsay Lohan
If there is one individual in the celebrity world that is known for his or her troubled thoughts or misbehavior, there isn’t anyone better to recognize other than Lindsay Lohan. An American star, model, and singer, Lohan was recognized in all different aspects of Hollywood because of her talents as a young actress. However, as her stardom continued to progress, so did the instability in her mental health. The mass media and people alike had an influence on Lohan’s behavior by distorting how she was portrayed on and off the screen. Lohan’s family life also had a huge impact on her turnout because she was constantly around the instability of her family members, thus affecting her mental health. Both the media and family represent the two relationalities that controlled the choices in Lohan’s lifestyle, and in the end had pushed her into the time period where she struggled against society’s judgment of her personal choices.

Lohan’s mentality and stability began to slowly fall as she approached the middle of her film career. She had a reputation known for her carelessness and her excessive “all night partying”. Her alcohol and smoking abuse forced her into joining Alcohol Anonymous meetings and rehabilitation centers in 2006. However even after her experiences with rehab, her mental state continued to dwindle. She was arrested once for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), and she was arrested a second time for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended license. From 2010-2012, Lohan was charged with various accounts of theft, grand theft auto, assault, and hit-and-runs while still given small amounts of jail time. Lindsay did no...

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... have the strongest influence not only on Lohan’s mental instability, but her continuous growth as a conscious individual. With the media, she realized that it is a form of social communication that informs but also trains the individual; it is the one trying to give him the sense of responsibility for his/her conduct. Becoming more conscious with her family’s instability, Lindsay has been able to slowly mend the wounds that arose from her parents’ past by realizing how much influence her family has on her social persona. These two relationities play a big part along with other relationities (gender, race, class) to create a social order and social interactions within society. As we move into the future, mass media will continuously improve with technology, and family will continue to stress the ideas of passing down morals and values to each forthcoming generation.

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