The American South 's Ideology Of Slavery Essay examples

The American South 's Ideology Of Slavery Essay examples

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The American South’s ideology of slavery transformed the states both positively and negatively economically, socially, politically and culturally. The South relied heavily on slave labor which sustained and increased their economic growth through supplying the largest amount of cotton,while the North became stronger through industrial growth and during the time of enlightenment began to want the idea of owning slaves to be abolished thus, causing a contemptuous relationship between the North an South.
The impact of slavery between 1800-1860’s on the South for most of this area was extremely successful yet as with anything, evil practices may produce great wealth, but in the end, breeds more evil as the South finds ways to justify the practice.
Economically, the South was thriving and growing at a swift rate. After the invention of the cotton gin, cotton became the largest money crop for the south as they grew about 60 percent of the worlds supplies by the 1840’s. Slavery grew because of this and became necessary for the south to say the leader in the industry. The South’s economy now depended on this free labor. While Congress banned the importation of slaves from Africa in 1808, it was loosely followed and the South was able to find ways to continue transporting them in. Not to mention that at this time many new slaves were being born and raised adding to the population. Although the North was becoming less reliant on slave labor, the South had no choice but to continue if they wanted to keep their wealthy, thriving economy. Without slaves, the South would have become despaired. Thus, they defended their constitutional right with a fierce resolve. The South believed the constitution allowed for slavery by A...

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...power with being the leading industry of cotton supply would carry them through, it was the opposite, depleting the South socially, politically and least expected, economically. There was no money, crops or slave labor. With England taking over the cotton industry, there was so much cotton that the need went down with in turn took costs down. Freedom for slaves, still was not true freedom. Discrimination became the way the South dealt with keeping the blacks at the lowest social level. The South found ways to try to keep some political power with the “black codes” to limit the freedoms of previous slaves. However, the slaves, along with the governments help, were able to finally establish a culture for themselves with churches, schools and family reunification. Far from perfect was their freedom but this was a huge step in the process of full freedom and equality.

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