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The number one thing that comes to mind when I think of a war story is American Sniper. It would be the perfect example of what someone would think of. It shows the things that Chris Kyle went through while he was fighting in the war and the adjustment that he had when he returned home from the war. Even before the movie came out when I heard of someone returning home from being away at war the thing that came to mind was them dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not everyone that come home from serving in the war does not deal with PTSD, but media makes you think that it affects everyone. According to Tim O’Brien’s “How to Tell a True War Story” the things that our minds go to are not even true war stories. He says that when you hear a true war story it embarrasses you. It is difficult for the person telling the story to tell what really happened and what they think happened. He also says that a true war story should be hard to believe and if you do believe it you should be skeptical. True war stories never seem to end, because what the people are telling about they have to live with the rest of their lives and sometimes it haunts them and their memory. A true war story is never about war. Song of Roland does not have any of the qualifications that are listed above, it is more about telling the stories of Roland and making him a hero.
Song of Roland, according to O’Brien, would not be a true war story. Song of Roland is more about the soldiers being sent to fight and the things that are happening to them rather than a reflection that they have looking back on the events. The events in Song of Roland are more of a narrative story of how Ganelon betrays his stepson, Roland. This story meets none of the requirements that O...

... middle of paper ...

... they come back, when they are trying to adjust back to being home. The things like that are thought of because that is what media qualifies as a war story. That is not true according to O’Brien. He says that a true war story should embarrass you when it is being told, it should never be about war itself, and it should be hard to believe and if you do believe it you should be skeptical. He said that it is difficult for the person telling the story because they do not know what happened from what they think that happened. A war story should never end, because it is something that the person is dealing with for the rest of their lives. Song of Roland meets none of these qualifications. It is more about the narrative of what happened to Roland and his men. Also, about making Roland the hero in the situation even though his pride and attitude is what got his men killed.

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