American Shopper Pass The Opportunity For Accumulate Great Items At Extremely Reduced Prices

American Shopper Pass The Opportunity For Accumulate Great Items At Extremely Reduced Prices

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Would any self-respecting American shopper pass the opportunity to accumulate great items at extremely reduced prices? Of course not! The idea that there are people all around the country who are bold enough to criticize savvy shoppers just for trying to take advantage of great sales is awful. Huge sale events such as Black Friday receive relentless criticism year to year, but for no true reason. Targeted by people who are incapable of worrying about only themselves during the holiday season.
Common complaints are that the sale times on Black Friday are getting earlier every year. Although that may be the case, who is really complaining about it? Black Friday shoppers are not doing the complaining about the sale times, the people that do not shop at all and do not involve themselves in the tradition are. So why would people that stay home and sleep or spend time with family while the sales are taking place have anything to complain about? The answer is simple: Thanksgiving. The holiday that historically happens the day before Black Friday, and today, shares the same day due to earlier sale times, is the reason for the complaints. And the argument is one hundred percent valid. It does not make sense to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to appreciate what one has and to be grateful for all one has achieved, by going out and accumulating large amounts of material items. It is a major, and slightly unhealthy, contradiction.
Others may argue that America is a society of consumers and that a great sale holds a lot of power. Sue Patterson, a marketing director, says that on Black Friday, the big ticket items are always gone first (TV’s, furniture, electronics, etc.). Within minutes, she sees people standing in line at the cash register wi...

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...mbers.” To insure the safety of oneself and others, go shopping in a group. Traveling with three or more people will keep one safe in the store, in lively crowds and lines, and in traffic heavy streets and parking lots. Although Black Friday is not an official holiday, many small business owners give their employees the day off so that they get the chance to enjoy the day as well. Black Friday is seen to everyone as a holiday for some, a celebration for most, and a tradition for all‒even those who opt out of participating. Door buster deals and holiday cheer are everywhere to be found that time of year, and carrying on such a beneficial holiday as Black Friday is not a lot to ask of an American. Whether you are the driver, the bodyguard, the recon specialist, or the field agent, Black Friday is an enjoyable time for people to gather in groups and complete “missions.”

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