American Senior Assistance Programs : Huntsville 's First Care Management Company

American Senior Assistance Programs : Huntsville 's First Care Management Company

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American Senior Assistance Programs Incorporated is Huntsville’s first care management company. American Senior Assistance Programs better known as ASAP has been a geriatric’s firm ever since 2004. ASAP’s main goal is to ensure that their clients get the best quality of life through the services they provide. By doing so, one of the top priority’s at the agency is keeping their clients in the least restricted environment as possible. Keeping clients safe, happy, and secure is one of the most imperative things on their list.
Social Work/Welfare History
One of the major historical event that has affected the agency today is the Silver Tsunami. The Silver Tsunami or the Aging Workforce show that “about one-fifth of the U.S. population will be 65 or older by the year 2030” (Jaffe, 2014). This event has effected ASAP because of the increase in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, strokes, heart disease and more. Therefore, ASAP is a care management that helps the elderly not only because the growing population, but to ensure they get the most out of their life.
Another issue that has affected the agency are changes in Veterans Affairs and insurance. Most of the elderly that ASAP serves have insurance, but those who do not is where the case managers come in and try to accommodate their needs. Hospice is the only facility that is funded by Medicare. However, if some elderly’s have the opportunity to live in a skilled nursing facility, assistant living facility, or independent living; Medicare does not cover those facility’s in which means the patients must have some financial stability to live in those accommodations. If a client of ASAP does not have the funds or need access to more that client may have to be appointed to a C...

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... and hospice because they are familiar with the pharmaceuticals of their clients. During visits, it is very vital that the Case manager records all of the prescription drugs that their client is taking. This includes the date it was prescribed, the day the refill expires, how many milligrams the dose is, the direction on how the client needs to take the medication, and how often.
Knowing pharmaceuticals, SOAP notes, the standard principles, and the ten core competencies are all great essentials that the generalist social worker or care manager at American Senior Assistance Programs Inc. should know. American Senior Assistance Program’s main goal is to assist and meet the needs of their clients whether it is emotional, physical, or healthcare. The needs of geriatric care is the reason ASAP is important and remains an agency that wants to change the way America ages.

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