American Schools: Over Crowed and Under Educated Essay

American Schools: Over Crowed and Under Educated Essay

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Over Crowed and Under Educated
Visualize a school constructed to accommodate only eight hundred middle school students packed with over four thousand. At South Gate Middle School in Las Angeles, CA this is reality, and the results are shocking. Various students do not have textbooks, or even a desk to sit at, plus with class sizes in the fifties learning is particularly difficult(California). This struggle is one that these students cope with every day and it must change if these children are expected to be taught. Congested learning environment makes it difficult for students to focus on their education. Furthermore, it confines the amount of time instructors can spend on innovative teaching methods such as collaborative learning or group projects, and teaching anything beyond the minimum of mandatory course work is nearly impossible. Class sizes need to be cut down to a maximum of 18 students per classroom if our educational system is ever expected to progress. Once classes are smaller the benefits are vast; including better grades due to individual instruction, and enhanced communications skills
Everyone will benefit from individual instruction as well as personal tutoring made possible by smaller class sizes. Since teachers will have more time to explain the material in various learning styles fewer children will fall behind in their studies. When classes are smaller, teachers spend less time demanding order and more time teaching. For example, in my first semester in college, I took a fundamental English course with a class size around 30 students. The professor would call roll, and then she spent nearly fifteen minutes attempting to gain control of the class , as a consequence class time was significantly shortened. I ag...

... middle of paper ... my shyness and fear of questioning people. Now in college, if I have an inquiry or I am confused about a particular subject I will ask many questions, as a result I have earned and maintained a 4.0 grade point average throughout college. Class size plays a huge role on a student’s educational experience and in order to ensure educational benefits for every student, classes must be cut down in size.

The education system in the United States is designed to pack as many students it can into every school, and move everyone along to make room, without any emphases on learning. America may be the most powerful countries in the world, but we are by far the most intelligent, and this is mostly due to our poor education system. If we plan to grow as a country, our education system needs to improve and smaller class sizes is one of the many steps that need to be taken.

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