The American Revolutionary War And African Americans Essay examples

The American Revolutionary War And African Americans Essay examples

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A Revolution as defined by Webster’s dictionary is a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities. Although the American Revolution does align with this definition, the change that came for white Americans after the war was not applied to African Americans. Americans fought the British for what they believed were their natural rights, African Americans were not granted their natural rights until many years down the road; therefore the American Revolution was hardly revolutionary for African Americans. None of the rights gained by Americans from the British were granted to enslaved African Americans.
The cause of the American Revolutionary War came form years of what Americans felt like was unjust taxation and discrimination, along with a new way of think that brought about the idea of natural rights. These natural rights included to life, liberty and property; revolutionaries believed that the government should protect these rights for the individual. After the Revolution as the government was being formed, the government did protect these rights for the individual if they were white males. African American men and women were not granted these rights and protection. African American men and women were aware that the Revolution was unjustly not granting them there natural rights: In a letter to Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Banneker uses religious arguments to try to reason with Jefferson and show him that black and whites are the same and should be treated the same natural rights (Benjamin Banneker and Thomas Jefferson Letters). Jefferson does reply saying that he believes that slavery sh...

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... immediately, white Americans were granted want they were fighting for. Although many slaves fled plantations were were freed during the war, for the majority of African Americans and many of those who were ‘freed’ by the British then American Revolution was not revolutionary. African Americans were not granted the same rights as white men. The denial of rights won in the American Revolutionary War to African Americans helped strengthen race line making it even hard to emancipate slaves(Kolchin pg 63). One may argue that the American Revolution radical changed the lives of African Americans, but if this was true the Civil Rights Movement that took place nearly 200 years after white Americans won their rights from the British would not haven taken place. The American Revolution was a fight for natural rights, these rights were simply not granted to African Americans.

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