The American Revolutionary War : An Event That Changes The Life And Politics Of A Other People

The American Revolutionary War : An Event That Changes The Life And Politics Of A Other People

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Revolution is an event that changes the life and politics of a certain people. Revolution can be both insignificant and radical. American revolutionary war was one of the best example of radical revolution. It affected to American society in terms of politically, economically, and socially. The war was motivated by high taxation, such as Stamps Act, that British offered to Colonial people and unequal treatment that Colonial people went through. The first time, most of them did not care about high taxation because they would not have any way to get away with it. However, after the Stamps Act, people started to be frustrated with desire to have equal rights. Then they held 1st continental congress, which was the confederation to discuss and find to solution to it. However, they did not want independence, all they wanted to do was to go back to Salutary Neglect. Also, it was the reactant of Intolerable Act. Before that, a lot of events occurred such as The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea party. Various events led Revolutionary War. The American Revolution was so radical that changed social aspects of the United States.

In 1768, British soldiers occupied the Boston. At that time, Colonies were begrudge the high taxation and unequal treatment. At the First Continental congress, Galloway 's Plan Union was claiming for right to elect Grand Council because they were not satisfied with the fact that even though none of delegate is colonist, they still need to pay ridiculous amount of taxes. First continental Congress expressed their ardentness to go back to Salutary Neglect. Main purpose of it was to coordinate their resistance towards high taxation. After it got rejected, Colonies held Second Continental Congress, which was the ma...

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... through clearly demonstrate how radical the political revolution that occurred in America really was.

The systematic structure of America truly altered by the Revolutionary war. Common Sense by Thomas Paine, the Radicalism of the American Revolution, by Gordon S. Wood shows the ideal government and politics, which is what we have currently, by comparing what they had during the time period. Also, both the First and the Second Continental Congress, various protests(Boston tea party, Boston Massacre), and Give Me Liberty Speech by Patrick Henry, 1775 exemplified the alteration of aspects. Galloway 's Plan of Union illustrate what they desperately wish to have in terms of politics and rule. The most important support that Revolutionary War was truly "revolutionary" is expansion of land to Western and becoming one of the best and strongest countries in the world.

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