The American Revolution : The War Of 1812, Trail Of Tears, And The Civil War

The American Revolution : The War Of 1812, Trail Of Tears, And The Civil War

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The 5 most important topics in American history include the American revolution, Louisiana purchase, War of 1812, Trail of Tears, and the Civil war. The American revolution ending in 1783, Europeans had sought to claim American land. After the victory at Saratoga America would claim its independence from British rule. After almost doubling the size of U.S territory from the Louisiana purchase. Furthermore the result of the purchase began the War of 1812, which lead to a year of fighting with Great Britain but created a new sense of American pride. As a result of Tecumseh 's death, his confederacy fell apart, leading white’s to take over new settlements, causing president Jackson to overrule Congress and begin the Indian Removal Act; also known as the Trail of Tears. Finally the Trail of Tears made American’s think if one person has power to rule over Congress’s decision to exterminate a culture then America is not in good hands when deciding what territory will become free or slave states, leading up to the Civil War.
The American revolution was indeed a revolutionary war. The revolutionary war began in 1775 and ended in 1783. Colonist were angered by the British after they created the Stamp Act, Townshend Tariffs, and the Tea Act. This is where the famous quote, “No taxation without representation” comes from. Tensions had arisen between the British and the 13 American colonies, mainly in Massachusetts. After the first shots at Lexington and Concord in April 1775 the causes of the declaration of taking arms against “our fellow Great Britain” was to avoid a civil war(4). British wanted a new constitution that sets a limit to parliament 's powers. The loyalist were the party that discussed issues only on the existing constitution....

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...l. The War of 1812, also known as “the second war of independence” would be a success for the United States. This would create national pride and patriotism despite our past war efforts. The Trail of Tears would lead to more westward expansion from everything East of the Mississippi river to the Rocky mountains. Jackson’s plan to force the indians out would work but also created racism. Leading into the Civil war; the fight to abolish slavery. Its main reason was to decide what new territory would be recognized as a free or slave state. Lincoln pledging to keep slavery out of the territories. Southern states seceded from the Union creating the Confederate states. The Northerners feared it would discredit the democracy. In the end the Southern states returned to the Union. If it were not for each of these events American history would be significantly different today.

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