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Essay on American Revolution

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A revolution is defined as being a generally violent attempt by many people to end one rule of governing, and to create their own (Websters Dictionary). The founding of our own independent country is based on such a notion, with our forefathers fighting to gain their freedom from the oppressive rule of Colonial England. With rampant fears of tyranny from a country deemed a super power, the American people were divided in their views of creating their own government, making the definition of a revolution all the more difficult. The years 1775 to 1785 in American history were enormously fundamental to the founding of the United States. From the famous Battles of Lexington and Concord which started the war with England, to the drafting of our own Declaration of Independence from which the United States of America was born, the victorious battles fought against the Redcoats, and to the Treaty of Paris. The American Revolution shaped our country to what we know it as today, and without such a Revolution, our history and present would be vastly different.
The years leading up to 1775 were filled with mounting tension and hostility towards Great Britain, with many Americans becoming increasingly infuriated at England’s attempt to tax them for their own benefit from so far away. England had previously just concluded the costly 7 year war against France, and was attempting to replenish its royal treasury at the expense of the American Colonists. Many Americans cried “no taxation without representation!” in response to Britain’s actions.( American Revolution Center) The Boston massacre and tea party only fueled the American Peoples ideal for separation from England, and the idea of independence swept across the territories. The final straw ...

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