The American Revolution During Their Years Of Schooling Essay

The American Revolution During Their Years Of Schooling Essay

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All students have learned about the American Revolution during their years of schooling. There were many different events that occurred during the time that led up to the American revolution. However, what they were not taught was the events before the Boston Tea Party that had a heavy influence for the separations of the colonies from Great Britain and those included the French and Indian war, the stamp act, the Townshend act, the Boston massacre, the tea act, and the Boston tea party.
Contrary to what most students believe, the Boston tea party was not the main event that angered the colonists and pushed them the edge and to the separation of the thirteen colonies from Britain. One of the first major events that began the start of the movement towards the revolution was the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War didn’t just sprout out in the middle of nowhere. It all started after George Washington was sent to tell the French to leave the Ohio territory that both the French and English had claimed as theirs. But along the way he passed by an Indian tribe and recruited one of the leaders to join him on his journey. This man was Tanacharison, but was known to the Americans, the English, as the Half-King. When Washington, his men, and the Half-King arrived they immediately confronted the French general that was in charge. It was supposed to be a simply task to remove the French. However, the Half-King had different plans and he cracked open the French generals head and washed his hands with the brain matter. This event is what angered the French and moved them to start the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years’ War. It was named as such because it lasted seven years, starting in 1756 and the peace treaty wa...

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...n the colonist’s decision to separate themselves from Great Britain and become independent states. The French and Indian War made it to where the English occupied most of the land in north America and began to tax the colonists for their war debt, which led to the stamp act. It was believed by some members of parliament that the colonists should pay more taxes and so the Townshend acts were passed. What parliament did not anticipate was the event of the Boston massacre which in the end cause the colonists to be even more exasperated. Needing to sell some tea the British passed the tea act however, the colonists could not trust the British anymore so they poured as much of the imported tea into the harbor, destroying as much as they could. All of this and more led to the separation of the colonists from the British government and becoming their own independent states.

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