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The American Revolution And The War Of Independence Essay examples

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The American Revolution began because of conflict between the united thirteen colonies and Great Britain in 1775. However, this wasn’t a conflict that initiated over a single night. Instead, there were many social, economic, and political trends developing ever since the first colonists stepped foot in America. Most of these issues arose after the Seven Year’s War took place, but economic and political trends such as complete British domination over the Spanish, Dutch, and French that led to major British debt was a main precipitant of the war of independence. As time went on and British power grew the trends continued to develop and colonists reached a point of social unrest. The combination of strict British political rule, economic unfairness, and social dissatisfaction all led to the American Revolution.
The Spanish, French, Dutch, and English explorations of America all took place during a span of time from the late 1400’s to the late 1600’s. The main purposes for English exploration were social experiments and commercial ventures. The Spanish, French, and Dutch also all had commercial trade and economic relations as their reasoning for exploration. International relations soon developed during the mid-1600s. It started with the Anglo-Dutch wars which were at first inconclusive, but then the British gained control and caused Holland to secede from their mainland colonies. Then the Spanish Armada of 1588 took Spain out as a major player of exploration and colonization because the Spanish fleet was shut down by England under Queen Elizabeth I’s rule. These events were the beginning of English dominance over the colonies because they began to establish themselves as the sole power in American colonization.
The English were a...

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...nies to work together and form a fighting front against the British.
The road to revolution wasn’t something that happened overnight. It was a long series of events in the form of a domino affect. The first events leading to the revolution began all the way back with American colonization by the British. In order for the British to became a leading power in colonization, they had to become involved in wars, which caused them to spend lots of money to finance their wars. This put England in major debt and as a result caused them to have to tax the colonists in order to pay for their war debts. The taxing of the colonists is what angered the colonists and lead them to fight for their independence. Overall, it wasn’t one thing, but instead a combination of economical, social, and political events that pushed the colonists to form together and stand up to British rule.

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