The American Revolution and India's Independence Movement Essay

The American Revolution and India's Independence Movement Essay

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Systems of governance and authority can have a profound influence on the development of human societies. For example, the major influence of the British Empire in the development of Indian and American human societies. All types of governments – from local politics to federal bureaucracies to huge empires – maintain their authority through specific techniques, including fostering a shared identity (nationalism), developing economic interdependence, and sometimes using overt force. Challenges to that authority through violent and nonviolent revolution can have significant consequences, including the collapse and replacement of whole systems of governance. Both the American Revolution and the Indian Independence Movement gained their freedom by challenging the British Empire with the use of alternating tactics and policies.
The rise of Imperialism in India began when the East India Company gained control of India after the decline of the Mughal Empire. East India Company was a joint-stock company that was established when Britain showed economic interest in India’s natural resources. Initially, the East India Company created trading posts in Surat, Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta mainly to increase trade. The East India Company traded in cotton, silk, tea, and opium. These East India Company trading posts were supported by British troops and private armies, also known as sepoys (Indian soldiers). The East India Company functioned as military authority in parts of India with an increase in administrative and political powers. The East India Company ruled India until 1858.
Under British rule, native customs were being banned, schools and railroads were being built, and missionaries were spreading Christianity. Many Indians ...

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