The American Public Educational System Essay

The American Public Educational System Essay

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Education In America

For a country ranked second in ignorance, and 14th in education, the U.S. sure acts like it has everything school related figured out. If we analyze the system, though, we find surprising and horrifying facts about the American public educational system. During the creation of common core, only two academic content specialists were present for planning, and neither approved the final standards. The rigorous standardized testing system we’ve all learned to dread has been proven to only benefit the companies, such as Pearson, who create these tests. With an operating profit of $1.4 billion in 2012, it isn’t hard to see why those who profit turn a blind eye to all the consequences this testing has on students, parents, teachers, and even whole districts. With monumental stress placed on all, and teachers having to “teach to the test” little time is left over for real teaching and learning to get done. Instead of students learning valuable lessons that will last them a lifetime, they learn facts and figures that, not only will likely be forgotten after the test is over, but will probably prove inapplicable to their day to day lives.
If we’re completely honest with ourselves, we know that while little Jimmy was supposed to be reading Of Mice and Men or memorizing the periodic table, he was probably just in awe that “58008” turned upside down in his calculator resembled the word “BOOBS.” As Jimmy gets older and moves into classes like Biology, Chemistry, History, Pre Calculus and Economics, however, his days will be much more productive, instead of punching silly numbers into his new $95 TI-83 graphing calculator, Jimmy soon learns that typing simple equations can serve for a much more advantageous outcome. This...

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...ual manner “due to their clothing” however, I think everyone can agree that anyone who finds themselves attracted to minors should not be working in a school in the first place. Another plausible reason would be religious beliefs cause the uncomfort. The issue with this is teachers are not supposed to bring religious bias into work with them. If teachers were to do this with other religious issues we would have students being reprimanded for things outside of the school rules almost constantly. This is why having no religious affiliations in public schools is so important to American freedom. Commenting on a student 's assumed sexual promiscuity is obviously inappropriate, so why is it excused when the item in question is someone’s outfit? And does this idea that clothing ties into sexual promiscuity, and that promiscuity ties into self worth being taught in schools?

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