The American Promise : A History Of The United States Essay

The American Promise : A History Of The United States Essay

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In my opinion and based on my readings of our textbook The American Promise: A History of the United States by James Roark, the most pressing issue the young republic faced after the new congress took power under the new constitution in 1789, and George Washington became president was searching for stability. In the young republic 's search for stability they needed to cover many bases politically, socially, and culturally.
Being a new nation America needed to become secure and stable in the world. In order to become more stable the book describes a few things which the republic most do. The book suggests in order to become more stable that they needed to heal old divisions, make political changes, social changes, and cultural changes. The most pressing political issue included dealing with the debt made from the war. Social changes the nation was focused on were also in part political, the young republic needed to deal with the Native 's in a way that would not bring on a war, as well America 's involvement with the French and British who were what seemed like constantly at war. The other ground which America needed to focus on was cultural changes, and these changes largely dealt with views on women.
The debt which was built up over the War for independence was large and needed to be dealt wit as soon as possible suggested Alexander Hamilton. His ideas on how to deal with the young nations debt included “plans to fund the national debt, set up a national bank, promote manufacturing through trade laws, and raise revenue via a tax on whiskey...” (Roark 220) His views were opposed strongly by many people. The whiskey task was especially hated, especially by the farmers whose grain was being taxed by 25 before “..then being passed...

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...faced were meet with opposing views at every turn whether they were political, social, or cultural. Although each pressing issue whether it be paying back a debt, taking care of our relationships, or our changing views on roles of women was met with answers that didn 't fully solve the issues and took many years and solutions to help these were still the issues that young America faced and they made attempts to deal with these issues despite the many different views from people on how to deal with the matters. What I think is pretty cool to see is that much like today the nation struggled for the correct answers to problems they faced and they had to try different things, and fail, in order to deal with them properly. There was never one clear cut answer that everyone loved and that solved the problem in one go and I think that is true for any nation young or old.

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