American President: Thomas Woodrow Wilson Essay

American President: Thomas Woodrow Wilson Essay

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The president that has revolutionized the title “president” is Woodrow Wilson. This report will inform you about Woodrow Wilson’s biographical information, early education to his college years, and his significant contributions in office. Every important aspect of his life will be explained in the following paragraphs.
To begin with, Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28th, 1856 and passed away on February 3, 1924. His home as a boy was in Columbia, South Carolina from 1870-1874. Woodrow Wilson’s house in Washington, D.C became a presidential museum. How cool is that! Woodrow Wilson’s father was Joseph Ruggles Wilson and his mother’s name was Jessie Janet Woodrow Wilson. Wilson first married Ellen Louise Axson in 1860-1914. Their marriage unfortunately didn’t work out. After Ellen passed away Woodrow met Edith Bolling Galt and married her on December 18, 1915. He had three children. His first child was Marget Woodrow Wilson. His second child was Jessie Woodrow Wilson. His last and final child was Elenor Randolph Wilson. This is his biographical information.
To add on, Woodrow Wilson had many incredible hobbies. His favorite hobbies were golf, ridding horses, and walking. But he strongly adored the theater especially Vaudeville. He was an all around American boy.
To continue, Woodrow Wilson didn’t have a well-built education. Wilson’s parents moved South in 1851 and identified with confederacy. During reconstruction Wilson lived in Columbia, South Carolina. Thomas Woodrow Wilson elementary and secondary years were complicated. It was a decade after his life when he learned how to read. Thankfully he was able to achieve academically through determination and self discipline. He also attended Sunday school. The Woodrow f...

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... We also like to visit the theater. He is an incredible role model to young adults. He went to college while being self educated at a young age. I would appreciate going in his footsteps and going to college as well. A few differences that Mr. Wilson and I have are he always dreamed of being president. I myself can’t see myself running the country! He also learned how to read at age 10 while I learned how to read at age 3. President Woodrow Wilson inspired me. He never gave up and strived for the best. Thomas Woodrow Wilson is an inspirable man and role model.
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All in all, I strongly wish this report informed you about our 28th president Woodrow Wilson, from the beginning of his birth to every single step in between, to when he unfortunately kicked the bucket or in other terms died. Thomas Woodrow Wilson our 28th president will always be remembered.

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