American Politics: The Need for Diversity in Government Essay

American Politics: The Need for Diversity in Government Essay

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The American Government was designed to represent the people who are voting members of society. When analyzing the makeup of government, one could find that women have become an integral part to American politics. With the rise of female politicians, minority female political leaders still tend to come in low numbers. One could argue that the inclusion of minority females in politics is solely up to women. The responsibility of representing the American population as a whole should not be solely placed on one designated person or group but rather a collective effort of all. Minority females are typically seen at the negative end of statistics rather it is in education, health care, employment and the economy.
This issue is of extreme importance due to the fact that the basis of this country is to have a government for the people, by the people and of the people yet there is still inequality in politics. The American political system must ensure that all people have a voice because if not, then the goals and agendas of a certain group can be prevailed over another. If the government is designed to represent all people and there's a lack of minority female politicians, how effective is the American government in reference to representation? Can the needs of minority women be successfully met without adequate representation in politics? The representation of minorities is important, now more than ever. The purpose in this research is to investigate how the lack of minority female politicians affects the American people.
In order to explain how and why the lack of minor female political leaders affects the American Society, it’s best to explain how the gender inequality, in general, affects the American people. Gender inequality in ...

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...ceilings placed above them when trying to integrate themselves in politics. Minority women are just as eager to show their strengths and capabilities that they can offer, professionally and politically. The need for minority women in politics is grave due to the fact that without them, there’s an underrepresented population needing someone to be the voice for their demographic.
The need for diversity in government not only affects the underrepresented group but America as a whole. With diverse backgrounds comes varying opinions which would be useful in creating and establishing policies that are created for a nation of diverse people. Minority women are going to have to show more fight in order to be heard, and society needs to aid in this fight. Not only does this issue affect the current generation, but will have lasting effect on the future generations to come.

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