American Politics: Party Realignment and State Politics Essays

American Politics: Party Realignment and State Politics Essays

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What is the recent political history of your district and state?
The political history of my state of Florida has largely been dominated by democrats. They have voted democrat presidents consistently on back to back occasions. Republicans however pull electro surprises by taking advantage of differences in the democrat camps. The most notable is Richard Nixon’s 1968 heist in which rode the political realignment wave resulting from white’s disapproval of the approaches from the Movement. Since then the state has voted Democrats presidential candidates in 1976 elections -Jimmy Carter, 1996 elections -Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama in 2008 and 2012 elections. The state of Florida decided the 2000 presidential elections by voting George W. Bush over Al Gore for the presidency by just 537 votes.( Hess & Wiesenfeld, 2011).
In the senate democrats dominated up until 1992 when a republican was elected by a majority. In the 1996 electoral polls republicans captured the seat and have continued to grow in prominence at the expense of democrats. At one time Florida’s’ Legislature set the record by becoming the pioneer legistrature to be complete controlled by Republicans amongst the federal states. That was back in 1996 when in the November elections Republicans gained control of both the Senate and legistrative House. Reprieve for democrats came in the election of 2006 when they gained seats, for the first time since the ‘80s, in the House.
Most of the northern region has relatively democrat conservatives; however it has been relatively comparative in the recent past. While the Panhandle and North Florida are stout Republican supporters in presidential elections they are heavily Democratic at the local level votes. ( Hess & Wiesenfeld, 2011...

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...e the exact scores from each of these groups. The rationale for this is explained in the presentation.)

ACU (100), ACLU (54%), ADA (70), CC or FRC (44)

Based on these ratings, would you classify your representative and senator as conservative or liberal? Justify your answer.
Conservative .this is because he is a stout defender of maintaining economic freedoms and heritage. His efforts can be seen to be geared towards reserve the status quo while emphasizing continuity and stability. (Hess & Wiesenfeld, 2011).

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