The American Political System Is Influenced By Ideas From Ancient Greece And Rome

The American Political System Is Influenced By Ideas From Ancient Greece And Rome

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The American political system is profoundly influenced by ideas from ancient Greece and Rome. Our ideas about democracy and republican government as well as our values of citizen participation come from these early societies. These cultures thrived thousands of years ago, but the ideas, building designs and governments that they founded still exist in the Western World today.
The Ancient Greeks influenced the Western World in many ways, particularly in government. The biggest political innovation of the Ancient Greeks was the concept of democracy. The Ancient Greeks invented politics as an art of persuasion as opposed to the force and intimidation associated with despotism (Minogue 2). Ancient Greece sought a government where all citizens would determine how the public was run. This allowed free citizens to be part of important decisions of the polis. A polis is another innovation of the Ancient Greeks and means "city-state". An individual polis was the city-state, the political community, the public sphere independent from the others. The city-state that influenced modern Western civilization the most was Athens, the birthplace of direct democracy. The word polis is still evident in many English words today, such as policy, police, and politics (Minogue 20). Democracy in Ancient Greece gave all men equal rights, not just high-ranking officials, to take part in government and allowed any man of any social status to take a part in office and make political decisions. Although participation in these votes was vastly limited to "free males" this system of politics is still referred to as a direct democracy because it calls for active involvement from citizens in order to function. Though there are many significant differences betwe...

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...ation for construction and designs all these years later.
We inherit our ideas from the Greeks, but our practices from the Romans. Ancient Greek civilization has been immensely influential on the language, politics, philosophy, art and architecture of the modern world. The Roman Empire 's influence on government, law, and historic architecture, as well as many other aspects of Western life remains evident today. The Greeks invented the concept of politics and the romans developed it to a system with elected representation pretty similar to our modern democratic system. These two cultures were rich in culture intelligence. From sports to art to literature to democracy, the Ancient Greeks and Romans continue to influence the lives of people. Even today, many thousands of years later, the Ancient Greeks and Romans continue to influence many aspects of American culture.

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