Essay on American Perception Of Gender Roles

Essay on American Perception Of Gender Roles

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Based on what I have learned this semester I believe that the most powerful contributor to American perception of gender roles is generational differences. I believe when you were born has more influence on your personality and perception of life rather than the family that raised you. Generations captures the group of people who grew up in the era. I believe that parenting, religion and media does have an important impact on one’s perception but many of these perceptions changes over time. Each generations has their own unique style of live it’s something that no other generation can understand or relate to. For example, my generation has never had to endure the Great Depression and World War so I can’t relate to what it feels like to go days without eating or having to hide under my desk at school because of nuclear threats. When you were born decides the events that you will endure in your life that may be the music, culture, slang or environment events.
A generational cohort 's unique experience of the formative years during a particular period of history results in a unique generational perspective shared among cohort members, thus, a "generation gap" is created between past and present generational cohorts. Because generational cohort segmentation accounts for the influence of time and history on the consumer mindset, it is often adopted over other age-based segmentation approaches, such as chronological age, perceived age and life stage (Gardiner, S., Grace, D., & King, C. 2013).I focused on three generational cohorts that has shaped American perception. The three main generational cohorts: the Baby Boomers born 1946-1964, Generation X born 1965-1976 and Generation Y who were born 1977-1994.
Members of the Baby Boomer gen...

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...lace. My grandmother nor mom can relate to me. The call me the wild card because they never know what to expect from me. I strive to be successful married to my career. I don’t seek to have kids but to be able to travel the world and make a difference. My grandma cannot understand why I would give up a family for a career but I can’t expect her to because I’m born in a different generation where things are values differently and traditions have changed.
I believe that women are just as equal to men and though it is still in ongoing battle for women to gain equality we are a lot closer to it than the previous years. Women have fought to vote and gain same wages as men in the workplace and we are slowly moving into the political world. I like to believe that we will have a female president soon or maybe that that position has not be void because it is waiting for me.

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