American People From The United States Essay

American People From The United States Essay

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To begin with, since I can remember I’ve always asked myself the question of, What does it mean to be an “American”? It is not rare that many people have different opinions regarding this topic but I have a unique image of an American person and what being American means. I would like to address that I am not American , at least not from the United States. Something that has always puzzled me is the fact that, people (including myself) associate the word “American” with a person from the United States. I know that the term American shouldn’t be attributed to just the people from the United States but rather that term could’ve or should’ve been used when referred to both North/South Americans. Now, since we have adapted ourselves to believe that Americans are only the people from the United States it will probably be out of the ordinary to call a Peruvian, or a Canadian American. Regardless, when I initially came from Cuba people would often bombarded me with questions after finding out I didn’t speak the English language. The questions they asked were such as , “ Where was I bor...

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