The American Of The United States Essay

The American Of The United States Essay

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The United States has come a long way from being what it was back in the earlier century’s. We have revolutionized from what was a king ruled society where we had no voice, to now being a free independent society were we have a voice for ourselves. During the development of the Untied States, there has been unexpected turn of events, that made us as a country decide on making the choices that were taking on during those days’. Some of the choices where needed for the greater good of the country and others should have never been taking into consideration. Since then we have been in the mist of revolution, to where one might say that the things from the past has come to affected us now.
The United States was never chosen into becoming an imperialism country, there had to be an equal agreement amongst others into becoming one. The U.S. had started to becoming an imperialism country in the late 19th century, where there have been a series of new revelation’s that could make the world, and others improve. What U.S. imperialism meant in the late 19th century was that America needed to be a head of the other nations. In the areas surrounding the military, productivity, resources, trade, growth and expansion of the US. This of course had an effect of what later would become an indentation of where we are today.
During the 19th century there were many reasons why the United States became imperialistic, one of them had to do with foreign trade. Foreign trade at that time was the one of the best methods of getting new and better items. This made people want the better quality items that one had in another colony. Having trade, let the people know what type of items were offered to them. This resulted in having a more expandable...

... middle of paper ... to go back to a world war. Even though that if we were to not get into more wars or that we didn’t get the imperialistic impulse there would be an opposing nation wanting to get the territory, gas, oil, etc. that we have earned.
By having such excuses just to get our nation into war is how things might be brought up again from the past. It would be a domino effect since if they attack us then we are going to attack them and so on and so forth. Then there would be another war and from the debt that we still have we would be put into another massive debt, which would be even harder to be paid off. In some cases, we really don’t know what to do and from the urge to do something quick we result in our only option war. So in a sense that even if its is the cause of all the actions the United States makes, it will still help in a way to protect us, and what is ours.

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