The American Of Public Opinion On Darwin Essay

The American Of Public Opinion On Darwin Essay

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The figures described above can be seriously defined as leading an unquantifiable section of public opinion on Darwin. Where data can be found, sociological readings show American nadirs of trust in Darwin in the 1980s and early 2000s have been partially (if slowly) stemmed by the public resurgence of Neo-Darwinian Positivism1. The amount of Americans accepting the broad materialistic evolutionary thesis rose to c.16% from c.9% between 1982 and 2010 according to Gallup polling2. This rises to closer to c.60% when some form of evolutionary cosmology is considered3. Comparable European figures have hovered consistently in the c.60-80% range during the same period4, suggesting that Neo-Darwinism has helped reinforce a pre-existing culture of widespread evolutionary acceptance more successfully.

The American social consensus can be said to have shifted continually towards cautious acceptance of the development of Darwinian evolution as a positive development within history, with caveats concerning the validity of simultaneous religious belief. A series of landmark trials at the Supreme Court over thirty years helped to establish the mixing of theological rhetoric and descriptions of Darwin 's conceptualisation of nature (the “equal time” approach) as invalid scientifically within the U.S.5, despite a large block of consistent cultural support.

Likewise, the public and those who produce popular culture and media have all undoubtedly been receptive to the idea of a progressive Darwinism. The impact of positivist Neo-Darwinism has been felt particularly in the beliefs of the left-learning, highly educated areas of America and Europe6, suggesting a more socially exclusive cultural acceptance amongst the public at times. The journalis...

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...e science of evolution are comparatively novel, media-orientated developments36), a defence has been evidentially been marshalled on a far wider scale in order to protect the integrity of Darwin 's historical image through educative sources (namely, providing an alternative in response to Creationist incursions into influencing American textbooks) and argument. This approach has spread within the last thirty years amongst works that contextualise Darwin scientifically and historically to the point that Witham notes the underlying “paranoia” held by advocates of Darwin as a positive force37. The need to defend Darwin has been the underlying force behind the rise of Neo-Darwinism positivism and heroic lionisation (as well as a degree of personal and disciplinary respect amongst advocates), with more complex promotion and uses of Darwin 's historical narrative following.

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