Essay on The American Of A Land Of Dreams

Essay on The American Of A Land Of Dreams

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In the beginning, the American colonies began as a land of dreams. While many countries sent over hoards of people to colonize the new land, no two colonies were created under the same motivations. Some went out in search for wealth, while others searched for religious freedom. For a variety of reasons, no colony fully achieved the original intentions of its creators. To illustrate how and why this land of dreams failed to perform, I will investigate the colonies Massachusetts and Georgia.
Religion, as it still is occasionally to this day, was a cause for division amongst people. Non-secular governments would adopt a particular religious ideology, and all who refused to conform to the chosen religion would often be persecuted throughout that land. In the late 1500s and early 1600s, the Puritan religion began to spread across England. A large amount of people found that the Church of England did not meet their needs. They believed that the church “retained too many elements of Catholicism” (53), such as forbidding priests to marry and hosting complex church services with lavish decorations. These people banded together to create, from their perspective, a more pure church.
While the Puritan church gained many followers, they were not widely accepted throughout England since they differed from the national Church of England. Eventually, the English monarchy began to alter the Church of England to become even more Catholic and began to oppress the religious expressions of the Puritans. It was at this time that many Puritans made the decision to leave England and search for a land that gave them the freedom to practice their religion as they chose. During this immigration, some Puritans chose to colonize the New World in h...

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... and people wasted little time in claiming it as their own. Some colonies, like Massachusetts, were used to achieve religious freedom. They had an abundance of people, both men and women, traveling across the Atlantic to help colonize. While there, they prospered and many settlers became rich. Though as that happened, the original Puritan goals slowly faded away. Other colonies, like Georgia, had an entirely different experience. Instead of setting out due to religious reasons, its motive was to help the less fortunate. It was hard to get people to move there since the land was difficult to cultivate. While some did venture to Georgia, most were not the English poor and over eighty percent of people who arrived ended up abandoning the colony. While nether colony was able to stay entirely true to its purpose, both colonies helped path the way for modern day America.

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