The American Nightmare : Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

The American Nightmare : Franklin Delano Roosevelt Essay

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The American Nightmare

A vast number of Americans are stricken with fear and hatred generated by their own insecurities. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Gave his inaugural speech to the presidency in March of 1933, declaring “war” on the Great Depression.FDR put together his “Brain Trust” a group of witty men who would brainstorm new ideas in order to stimulate the economy. He called these new programs the New Deal. Franklin Delanor Roosevelt manufactured inspiration and people would flock to hear him speak. He held the presidency with authority that others can admire for generations.FDR, a brilliant politician secured his spot and since the speech was written to generate hope for the Great Depression there is a historical context that it must be taken from. He wrote, and spoke with a purpose and this comes out in his word choice and diction ,particularly in his sound bites.His historical speech has been used endlessly in order to explicate how americans must not be afraid, in this case of the Great Depression, and this can be seen as how we have been growing ever more fearful as a society.FDR’s time while in office can even be seen on our community today through my own personal experiences with bettering of the nation as a whole. A great leader must work to inspire his followers and with one speech FDR was able to rally a nation to his aid to stimulate the economy and make us better overall.

Historical context:

Franklin Delanor roosevelt ran for president because of Herbert Hoover’s incompetence as a president. Hoover was a firm believer that the Depression would simply blow over in a couple months, but this was not the case as the depression lasted for close to ten years. FDR planned to change Hoover’s plans of anti-spending and a...

... middle of paper ... better and brighter nation. Franklin took us out of the depression that was piggybacked by the failures of his predecessors such as Herbert Hoover, and Coolage for the roaring twenties. FDR was a brilliant politician who steered us away from having a growing fear and anxiety in our society of course the famous line of his but, FDR did direct and lead us in the right direction to be a stronger nation especially through the unifying effect of WW2. FDR uses his specific use of parallel structure and uses specific generalizations in order to encourage the common man to step up to fill their own potential. And together without the efforts of generations now passed we can live not in their shadow but in an effort to create unity and justice. One simple address to the nation the looked on in anticipation and fear grew to what i could be and we must live to that legacy.

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