Essay The American National Election Study 2012 Dataset

Essay The American National Election Study 2012 Dataset

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POLI 380 – Assignment 4 – Marine POYLO – Student #49573141

On March 25, 2015, speaking at the European Parliament, French euro deputy Dominique Martin, from the Front National (FN), advocated for the “liberty of women not to work” as it would “improve the education of children while releasing jobs.” In sum, sending women back home in order to fight unemployment. Shocked by this statement, I looked up his profile on the Front National’s website and realized that M. Martin studied as the Saint-Cyr, one of the top-universities in France. I thought it was obvious that education and such conservative statements would be incompatible. I take the opportunity of this research to investigate what data say on this topic. I used the American National Election Study 2012 dataset. After looking at the dataset and the codebook, I chose “better if man works and women takes care of home” (women_works_x) as my dependent variable. I also chose education (dem_edugroup) as my primary independent variable, age and marital status as my two confounding independent variables.

My research question is: Does the level of one’s education affect one’s perception of men and women’s role in the workforce and in the household? Stating it differently, does my independent variable, the level of education, influence the perception of gender roles in the workforce and in the household?

My theory is: Women have for long been subordinated to their husband, as they were thought to be unable to think and act on their own. For centuries, women have therefore been denied the right to education, work, vote and be elected. Today gender equality is recognized by law, but not always in social norms. Yet, going to university means learning how to reflect critically as wel...

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...ver married (0) or is married (1).

 Questions:
Recode Gender Role in The Workplace in the other way around?
Marital Status: is married or ever married?

It is now time to take a bivariate look at the relationship between our primary independent variable and our dependent variable. Through a crosstab,

Yet, to get an accurate estimate of the relationship between education and gender role perceptions, I needed to control for the two other independent variables, which are age and martial status, and I needed to do a multiple regression.
In conclusion, education does impact the way people perceive gender roles in the workplace and in the households. Yet, it has to be kept in mind that this statement results from an average of answer taken from a sample of the US population. Some people, such as the FN euro deputy, might think differently.

Annex: Regression Table

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