The American Melting Pot By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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The immigrant experience in America can differ depending on what you look like and where you come from. Immigrants in America get treated much differently because of the qualities immigrants may or may not have. So they have to assimilate and change the way they are to fit into the American melting pot. “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a novel about a Nigerian woman named Ifemelu. Ifemelu is a well-educated woman who immigrates to America for a better education. Her life becomes more than that when her experience in America becomes a bit hectic. She finds out that living in America isn’t easy and it’s expensive. She goes through a lot when living in America which includes her on and off relationship with Obinze, her ex-boyfriend, her relationship with her new white American boyfriend Curt , and her identity. She didn’t have a green card and she had to lie about her identity to get by. She also had to drop her Nigerian accent to fit into society better, there was a certain way Americans acted and she had to do whatever she could to be American. This is until she felt ashamed that she was changing just to fit into a place that wasn’t even her home. She had to make a choice whether or not she wanted to assimilate and be a typical African American or embrace her Nigerian roots and accent. She had a constant battle with her identity and her interactions with others. The only thing that made Ifemelu calm and collected was her blog, this is where she would let her emotions out and talk about her American experiences. America is a country that is filled with racism and prejudice among others. So as a Nigerian woman that knew nothing about America, she had to change who she was in order fully understand how to be American and w... ... middle of paper ... ...nces you wouldn’t have in Nigeria. They learn about slavery and they believe that they are inferior to whites. They walk around America knowing that they can be judged and racially profiled at any time and there’s nothing they can do about it. An American African wouldn’t know much about slavery and how things were for black people in America. They wouldn’t know how black people had to fight for their rights for a long time to be accepted by white people. So if a Nigerian person came to America they would either be surprised to see a white person or they’d think that black and white people are equal because they are two races living in America at the same time. An American African would have a hard time getting used to America and noticing that things are different here. If they were to bring their kids, they’d be exposed to things much bigger than race and education.

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