American Imperialism And The American Civil War Essay examples

American Imperialism And The American Civil War Essay examples

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The history of America is one of complex changes often shifting in both foreign and domestic affairs, where American policy seen as fickle and unsatisfactory. The United States government’s actions and relations with the American South and broken Native Americans were often very stagnate in meeting their necessities and saw the rise of unchecked oppression on wide scale. These once threatening adversaries would now know the hand of United States relations and broken promises. These violent and brutal engagements in the former Confederate states would be caused by neglectful and permissive President Andrew Johnson and by the devastation leftover from the American Civil War. The defeated Native Americans would also become a largely exploited group with much of their land and territory to sought after for the ideal of American Expansionism as well as the precious resources which many desired to have a stake in. Many parties involved would endure failed expectations, while others would enjoy a degree of contentment. America’s industry would also see dramatic level of development in technology, industry, and lifestyle while at a cost to several others. America’s industrialism was due to enterprising men like Rockefeller and Carnegie who go about conquering their respective industry of choice and become very established in America’s politics and set the way of life for America’s workers. While many of these ventures could be perceived as progress much of it would lead to unnecessary misery and tragedy. As this era would continue, movements would form to ensure and grant many groups a true voice and see much social reform in Women 's rights and many minority groups. These social movements were a direct result of the United States govern...

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...rkers was the unregulated industrial companies and the heads which ran these companies. Though unions had begun to form to combat these poor working conditions much of their efforts and progress was undermined by being associated with ideologies which were perceived as threats to Americans’ way of life, particularly anarchists and socialists (Schaller 665). An event which greatly crippled one of the premier unions, Knights of Labor, took place in Haymarket in which a protest was interrupted by an unidentified bomber and led to several deaths and the convictions several leaders with little evidence to tie them to the deaths of the event(Schaller 665). Had this not taken place, it would be very likely unions would have had a hand in creating safer work environments and properly addressing the social costs of America’s industrial sector at an earlier time. The time to

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