The American Immigration System is Broken Essay

The American Immigration System is Broken Essay

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On contemporary society, immigration reform is enjoying an increasingly high voice among people. American immigration system is broken. Too many employers take advantage of the system by hiring undocumented workers which currently are estimated at 11 million. This is not good for the economy nor the country. Imaging a day without these undocumented workers in United States. No bus driver, farm worker, cooker, nurse, construction worker, waiter, house keeper, gardener or nanny can be found. Nobody drive bus, pick fruit, wash dishes, build houses, clean offices or take care of babies. It is not difficult for us to imagine that because these low skill workers have vanished. Chaos and tragedy ensue. The question about whether all nations should open their borders and so we could roam freely, or we should enhance immigration controls is a sophisticated issue. According to the journal article "The new common sense", the author Teresa Hayter declared that the freedom of movement should be the new common sense for immigrants to make big contributions to the wealth and prosperity of the countries they go to. People should have their own right to move freely. The abolition of immigration controls would mean increase in freedom, prosperity and opportunities for all of us.
First and foremost, there is no denying the fact that when we talk about immigration controls, it means that people control the migrating from poor countries to the rich countries, such as migrate from Congo to Europe, or from Laos to the United States. There is a substantial evidence to show that long-term economic success of American depends on fixing broken immigration system. A nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) (2010) estimated that “immigration reform wo...

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... were more involved in crime. However, Robert Sampson of Harvard University argues that immigrants make their communities safer by working hard and raising families. "And for the most part, it is driven by economic motivations. People want a better life. They're seeking to get ahead. And those are the very factors that tend to be associated with lower crime."
Finally, the broken immigration system is more than an economic disaster, families can be broken. They will be torn apart by the inflexible immigration system. Only through reforming the immigration system can they live in happiness with their own families; only through reforming which strengthen will the rule of law and economy, eventually they can play by the same set of rules. The result of all will eventually be a country where many cultures can live and work together to create a truly democratic society.

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