Essay about American Immigrants: Illegal Immigration

Essay about American Immigrants: Illegal Immigration

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Every year many immigrants cross the border into America in pursuit of a better life but not all of the immigrants will find such a life. Many of these immigrants do not have the money or time to become a citizen so they stay in the country as an illegal alien. The number of illegal immigrants crossing over into the United States has reached an all time high. Many people believe this number will continually grow and have felt a need for a change in the U.S immigration policy but the proposed Immigration Reform Bill will only worsen the issue. “In 2013 eight senators wrote the Immigration Reform Bill in hopes to improve current laws on the status of immigration.” ("A Guide to S.744: Understanding the 2013 Senate Immigration Bill") The Immigration Reform Bill requires extensive amounts of money in the form of enforcement, both along the border and the on interior of the United States; it also hinders the legalization of immigrants.
“Border patrol has always been a major topic of discussion on immigration. Currently there is a total of 3.5 billion dollars devoted to border patrol. If this bill were to be passed the spending on the border patrol would increase to 46.3 billion dollars. The new budget money would go towards 38,405 full-time agents to patrol the southern border, which is an increase of 19,200 agents from 2012. New fencing, 700 miles, would be purchased and built. The bill requires 24-hour surveillance by technology including video, distress beacons, and drones. Along will all of the monetary things that the bill demands it also requires the department of homeland security to meet a quota of 34 thousand detention beds each night. These mandatory productions are not only extremely costly and would increase ta...

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...There is no room for growth in this system; immigrants should not be forced to work.
Every person has the right to a fulfilling life. For most people this means making their own decisions, pursuing goals and achieving them. Many people voyage to America to seek just that, happiness. In the declaration of Independence it is stated; “every man has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. (Kindig)
Many people travel across the world to experience the freedoms that American citizens are privileged enough to have. There should be fewer laws that restrict immigrants from coming to American and living a prosperous life. The Immigration Reform Bill is costly and it hinders the legalization of immigrants. The bill would only deter immigrants from coming to America, but what would America be without the immigrants who shaped the country.

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