Essay about The American Horse Racing Industry

Essay about The American Horse Racing Industry

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The American horse racing industry has been admired by generations upon generations. Although it is a very cherished sport, like any other sport, there are many issues involved. The major issue that I find is that many owners make the decision to breed when there are other solutions. The Jockey Club, also known as the head council for the American Horse Racing Industry, should be addressing the major issue of overbreeding in the American horse racing industry.
The problem of overbreeding is not a new issue. Overbreeding has been a conflict ever since the beginning of the sport in 1868. According to the article, Excessive Breeding and Overpopulation, it states, “More than 100,000 unwanted horses are born in the U.S. per year, and approximately 21 percent of these horses are thoroughbreds. Another estimated 10,000 are cast off by the racing industry when they fail to turn a profit and are sent to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico every year. Thousands more are abandoned, neglected, and abused” (Excessive Breeding.). Overbreeding is not only the main issue with many sub issues at hand. “In 2007, according to The Jockey Club, an estimated 37,500 Thoroughbreds were registered in North America, a slight increase over the 37,300 registered in 2006” (Overbreeding.). For those that are not aware, thoroughbreds are a breed of horse that are especially bred for the sport of horse racing. These statistics only show the Thoroughbreds that were registered within the Jockey Club. Unfortunately, some Thoroughbreds are still bred and not registered with the Jockey Club. Therefore, a wide number is still left out of these statistics. Out of the 37,000 Thoroughbreds that are bred, only twenty of these foals will make it into the Kent...

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...any foals can be registered with The Jockey Club to be eligible to race.
All in all, the issue of overbreeding and horse slaughtering is a difficult one to come to conclusions for. There are many factors to the problem as a whole and unfortunately, there is quick answer with how The Jockey Club should handle this decision. I still stand with my decision when I say it is immoral and unfair to the creature that raced his own lungs off for you for him to be inhumanely slaughtered. With every stride down the back stretch, the animal tried to bring you glory with all that he could. You brought him into this world and gave him this life. Yet, you took it away with not even one warning. The problem of overbreeding and horse slaughtering should be addressed and given the recognition that it needs before it becomes any harsher than it already is to these poor creatures.

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