Essay on American Horror Story From A Black Latex Suit

Essay on American Horror Story From A Black Latex Suit

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Darkness is often associated with evil, monsters, violence and the ugliness that exists in the world; this is problematic when it becomes linked to the representation of black individuals in pop culture. When looking at American Horror Story from a distance it is about a dysfunctional white family who moved into a place referred to as the Murder House, where the previous 20 white residents were murdered and live as ghosts. This becomes a problem with the portrayal of the security guard Luke, who happens to be black because it has deep roots in systemic racism and perpetuates the stereotype that all black men are criminals all while remaining the hierarchical structural idea that white people are superior to black people. This can be seen with the lack of representation of black characters in the show, the immediate accusation that Luke was the rapist, and the link that the show makes to Luke and the black latex suit.
The cast of American horror story is almost an entirely white with the exception of Luke the security guard and a few background characters without speaking roles. This is significant because it is not an accurate representation of the percentage of black people that live in L.A which is where the series takes place. To explain how problematic this is one has to explain that "Representation is important because it is an active process of creating meanings." (Milestone & Meyer, 2012). The lack of black characters being represented in the show influences the perceptions of individuals to believe that black people are few and far between and the vast majority of people in existence are white. Furthermore, this stems from systemic racism which "includes the policies and practices entrenched in established institutions, wh...

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...can Horror story to promote the link between darkness and evil.
Overall, American Horror Story Murder House has problematic ties linked to various forms of racism and discrimination towards black people because of their depiction of evil and their portrayal of Luke. It is worth noting that it is unlikely that the creators of American Horror Story produced the show with malicious intent to paint the only black character as an evil figure. However, there needs to be a clear distinction between intent and impact. The intent was presumably not malicious but what results from the creators questionable decisions is continuation of the belief of the stereotypes that black people are all criminals, the legitimacy of white hegemony, and continues the cycle of systemic racism. Whether it was intended or not Murder House contributes to further the notion that darkness is evil.

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