Essay American History: President George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan

Essay American History: President George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan

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1989 does not initially seem like a year to remember. Other years have huge events that people recall with fondness or horror. ‘89 just seems like the end of a decade of questionable fashion choices; however, it was so much more than that. 1989 was a year of fall out. Events America, and the rest of the world, had been preparing for happened in 1989. The year was a very important year for history and it started with George Bush Sr. being brought into office as America’s president.
Bush became president on January twentieth, 1989 after eight years as Ronald Regan’s vice president. Because he had worked closely with his predecessor it was assumed that America under Bush would be exactly like America under Regan, and in some ways it was; however, there were many differences between the two presidents. Particularly there were differences in their domestic policies. Regan had used his system of “Reganomics” which decreased taxes on the rich. Bush had campaigned saying he would continue “Reganomics” but, became president and raised taxes on the rich. This greatly upset many of his previ...

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