American History : Black Like Who? Essay examples

American History : Black Like Who? Essay examples

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Rachel Dolezal, former white president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of

the N.A.A.C.P., was able to identify as black for over a decade, Tamara Winfrey Harris, author of

New York Times article “Black Like Who?”, points out that Dolezal does not have a single drop

of African-American ancestry, thus the treatment of black people does not translate to her and the

fact she was able to even legally identify as black is clear use of Rachel Dolezal 's exercise in

white privilege. I agree with Harris; the fact that Dolezal was able to shift race is a clear use of white privilege.

In American history, there was a rule known as the one drop rule, which basically stated

that anyone one with a single drop of black blood was considered black. This rule, still in effect

today, does not apply to the people who may have a drop of white blood in them; they still aren’t

considered white, which is illogical. This one drop rule is one sided, because it was intended

to protect racial privilege: “white privilege”. If any African-American during slavery,

the Jim-Crow Era, and Post Jim-Crow ever tried to pass as white and were caught, they would’ve

been killed, no questions asked. In cases where African-American people tried to pass as white it

was not to be spiteful but to get better opportunities for jobs, education, housing, being able to

vote the benefits they were not allowed because of the color of their skin. It may be hard to

believe that someone would try so hard to keep a minority oppressed, but that is exactly the

reason why race and racism is still an issue today. Many African people were taking away from

their homes, separated from their families against their will, raped and beaten, lynched and


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...tance take Nina Simone, an

exceptional pianist who was rejected from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia after she

had already went and studied at Juilliard in New York. Nina Simone argued that she knew she

was good enough but was rejected because she was African-American. She went all around the

world doing shows singing and playing piano, and it was not until two days before she died at

the age of 70, that she received a degree from Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. This is

just one example of the reality that many African-Americans face, especially African-American

children that are talented or exceptional scholars. My personal view on this is that people of

another ethnicity choose to ignore that they have this fixed privilege. Although there have been

social advancements in civil rights, the realities of racism still remain.

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