The American Health Care System

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The American health care system did not start out, nor was it created to the extent of the complexes and extremely expensive from its beginnings as it is today. However, many decisions often made for reasons having nothing to do with improving health care, shaped the health care system we have today (Emanuel, 2014). The lucrative impact of free health care to all and in recent years molded and restricted decisions are formulated and are impossible to sustain. Although we can utilize and insert a selected health provision which in diverse degrees does not fall in line due to the costs required as well as political and economic conditions. If we consider the costs required to maintain a Universal Health Care System, in all possibilities certain rights of individual citizens are compromised beyond repair. For instance, if we were to treat all citizens the same in an attempt to reform health care for the population. There are regulations in covering the uninsured expanding the cost of insurance coverage to all citizens residing in the United States. Through the government supplement, it is likely to increase health insurance coverage and improves the range of choice and quality of that coverage for individuals and families. However, in order to provide all citizens with U.S. Universal Health Care, it is imaginable to believe that universal health coverage infringes on individual human rights, their rights of freedom of choice. Not all citizens will agree with the universal approach because it would counteract like Robin Hood, the government will be stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Where is the balance in taking control from others to provide support? Making it possible for those who are less fortunate in obtaining insur... ... middle of paper ... ...l-Jed stated in her article that the average nursing-home stay in a private room is about $87,000 for each year, if one was to cruise on a ship for the same length of time (one year), you will have your daily diet, housekeeper, and a host of individual for companies a fraction of the cost of living in a facility. Again the unified health care system needs stronger investment that will benefit the population and the system resources in the growing aging community. In conclusion Regrettable for all American citizens, health care is a luxury, not a necessity, and this proves that it is not a good reason to go without, stagnant and in American most people refused to buy into the system. Many citizens are left with doubt and confusion about the health care system. One of the most compelling situations is that the economic incentives for the preventive case are consumed.
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