Essay on American Health-care Plans for the Uninsured

Essay on American Health-care Plans for the Uninsured

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Brian Joyce, a radio host, stated, “The underinsured are a big reason why healthcare is so expensive in the United States. They are a big reason why the rest of us pay so much for coverage and services that cost a fraction of the price in many other countries. To allow the underinsured to remain underinsured simply because they like their plans defeats the purpose of healthcare reform” (1). ObamaCare is requiring insurers to make plans by regions instead of by state, so if someone visits a doctor out of town, the care given will not be covered (Gottlieb 1). The limited plans are called narrow networks. Therefore, the average person will spend about $2.6 trillion on ObamaCare within 10 years. In order to totally implement all of the provisions of Obamacare, lots of new government bureaucrats will be required (Snyder 2). Obamacare is implementing 159 new agencies, boards, and programs. Obamacare will impose at least 20 new taxes averaging to about $500 billion that will hit health insurance, medical innovators, and even the sale of one’s home (Turner 2). Obamacare is one of the largest tax increases in U.S. history (Snyder 1). As a result, people will end up losing money instead of saving it on ObamaCare. ObamaCare is not the best thing to implement in this country for many working Americans because it will ruin americans health-care plans, put the country and citizens into more debt, and take away basic rights.
One modernization that is going to be implemented is to require insurers to make plans by region instead of state. Consequently, Obamacare is going to fundamentally alter the relationships between patients and their doctors (Snyder 1). Many American citizens may lose access to doctors that have good knowledge of their medi...

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