The American Government Has Changed Over The Years Essay

The American Government Has Changed Over The Years Essay

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The American government has changed drastically over the years. Someone that has so much impact in the way this country was formed was by federalists. The federalist papers are eighty-five papers written in the late 1780’s by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. These papers were written to advertise the ratification of the United States Constitution. The Constitution needed nine votes out of the thirteen states in order for it to be approved. So, these Statesman began writing trying to convince the states to vote for acceptance of this. Alexander Hamilton, who was among one of the writers, wrote approximately two-thirds of the papers. One of his writings happened to become very well known, that paper was Federalist Number 84. This paper had a major impact on the creation of the country.
To begin with, throughout this federalist paper Hamilton had some oppositions to the Constitution. To start with, it did not have a Bill of Rights. Hamilton did not like the fact of having the Bill of Rights. He did not like how people were limited to their freedom. Also, many people may look at this and become discouraged because they are told their freedoms, instead of just having a full out free nation. Hamilton then began to incorporate the rights that were guaranteed under the Constitution. Hamilton then began to investigate six provisions one by one. The first provision he discusses was impeachment. Impeachment was included in the Constitution in order to ensure protection upon citizens from both executive and judicial abuses of power. By providing the ability to impeach someone who abuses their power, it is reassuring citizens that they are able to put their trust into our political system. Another point Hamilton discusses that...

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...e their men more respectable and their services more beneficial.
Regarding expenses, Hamilton explains that any extra expense brought forth with the proposed government will be carried out by the president. In fact, the President has power over negotiation with foreign negotiations and must accept the final decision. While the number of representatives remain the same, there will be a decrease in expenses.
Finally, throughout this paper it shows Hamilton’s position on such topics. It showed how he felt about some of the rights and the Constitution. The major point was how he was against the Bill of Rights, which was constantly reiterated throughout the paper. He did not believe in the Bill of Rights and thought they sort of took away from freedom and the people. Therefore, throughout this paper I learned a lot on the Constitution and Hamilton’s position on it.

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