Essay on The American Government After The Revolutionary War

Essay on The American Government After The Revolutionary War

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After the creation of the American government following the Revolutionary War, the ideals this country continued to expand until they held up the country at the deepest levels. Freedom became a part of this country, although not even the founding fathers gave an equal freedom to all people. American economies continued to rely on the slave trade for the number of workers required to produce the amount of product needed for exports to Europe and the North. When the Civil War began, it at first started as a war to prevent the Southern states from fully seceding from the Union. As the war progressed, it created a war surrounding the survival of slavery. Within this war between the North and the South, people were brought into the conflict from all different ethnic backgrounds, the main two being the Caucasian and African-American populations. Even though these two were the primary forces that participated within the war, the other pieces of the population served within the war as well. The immigrants, or those of newly won lands, played their part in the war for, or against slavery.
Beginning with the people who had called this land “home” long before any European set foot upon American soil, the Native population had endured countless actions of brutal treatment from the immigrants. This fact, however, did not deter the Indians from joining the war as well. As the war began, the Union called troops in from their posts in various forts located in Indian Territory, leaving the Confederate forces in 1861 free to drive the Natives into Kansas, where they were forced onto refugee camps. The vacancy of the Union however, left the Five Civilized Tribes free to choose the path they would follow in the war. This group of tribes included th...

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...e army disbanded almost overnight, ending Irish participation in the Union’s army as an organized group. The Irish held onto their beliefs to the end, and although the Union prevailed without their support, the battles that they did participate in were served with distinction and crucial points during the war.
The American Civil War combined the vast array of ethnicities that this country brought into it through war or immigration. These people of all different backgrounds played their own parts within the bloodiest war ever fought in American soil. Being known as a land full of people of different heritages, the involvement of so many in the fight between the Union and the Confederate forces shaped this country into what it is today. No party was left untouched by the war’s effects, all felt the tedious strains of a country rebuilding itself from the inside out.

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