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American Football Concussions Essay

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The topic I chose to right about is concussions in football and the NFL’s settlement due to the out poor of reactions to the long lasting affects. First I’d like to talk a little about concussions, for the NFL protecting the players has always been a huge priority. With this in the last few years it has become even more prevalent due to this idea that the NFL hasn’t done much to protect its players from concussions and the problems that can arise from them going untreated over the years. In the past few years the NFL has done a lot to change this tide by making new rules on ways to hit players, and assessing fines to players who ignore these changes.
According to a timeline article done by PBS, in 2009 the NFL updated the regulations set in place in 2007, which they believe, can ultimately help them give players better care if a concussion is received. This is called “Return-to-Play”; also this policy is only for concussions and how the NFL wants teams to deal with the possible chance of a concussion. Even though all of these changes have been taking place there is still a huge problem with concussions, most notably the players who have suffered from them before most of these rule changes have been put in place.
Now going into the main topic, which is the settlement the NFL, has been going through in order to settle with former NFL players over concussion-related brain injuries among 18,000 players who have retired. With this the NFL has agreed to compensate the victims and pay for any medical exams. The ex-players for an amount of 765 million agreed to this settlement proposal. If this proposal had accepted any of the 18,000 former NFL players would have been eligible to receive compensation. The settlement proposal was agree...

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... those who have been affected, so we all hope that the settlement can once be approved and set the NFL on the right path and help the ex-players build a trust with the league they once worked for, knowing they will be protected with any affects they may experience while out of the league.

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