American Experience : Television 's Most Watched History Series Essay

American Experience : Television 's Most Watched History Series Essay

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The US Government has sent a note to the Soviet Union informing them of the American plane incident. A plane was shot down and investigation has been furthered looked at. The US wants the Soviet Union to inform them of the pilot’s condition and of the incident itself. The state department believes it was an unarmed civilian U-2 Aircraft, given that there was no authorization for any flight as described by Mr. Khrushchev. On May 7th, the Department of State secretary made a statement about the U-2 aircraft shooting that clarifies the position of the US Government. Ever since Marshal Stalin shifted the policy of the Soviet Union from wartime cooperation to postwar conflict in 1946 and particularly since the Berlin blockade, the takeover of Czechoslovakia, and the Communist aggressions in Korea and Vietnam, the world has lived in a state of apprehension with respect to Soviet intentions. The Soviet leaders have connections to networks and societies. With the development of modern weapons carrying destructive nuclear warheads, the threat of surprise attack and aggression presents a constant danger. The US wants to eliminate this threat and seek out the best ways to protect the country and the people. The government of the Soviet Union knows the aircraft was sent there for hostile reasons, as it had radio-technical equipment and the ability to take photos. The Soviet Union knew this plane was a sort of spying agent for the US and the Soviet Government is compelled to give strict orders to its armed forces to take all necessary measures ...

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... Khrushchev in Kiev, Ukraine on his way back from the Black Sea. Americans became tense and afraid. They could hear on the radio and watch with their eyes, mankind’s first ever artificial satellite. Weighing in at 80 kilos, Sputnik took an orbit over their heads. Americans knew the Soviets were their enemy, and they now feared they were spying on them to get a right time to do a surprise attack. Americans believed Sputnik had the potential to nuke them at any moment. Eisenhower seen this a huge threat to the country and felt they had the right to do the same thing back to the Soviets. Sputnik sparked the U-2 flight spying operations. America will never be fully secure, explains Woudhuysen, the fear of the people causes great tension which results in war. These incidents have completely changed how the military works and runs today, they have helped it become stronger

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