American Expansion Of The United States Essay

American Expansion Of The United States Essay

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American expansion began with “Manifest Destiny” or “Manifesto”, where God gave people the right to move westward while taking over the lands of natives (Zevin 325). This was also known as the westward expansion. Hawaii was one of those countries that became a victim to American imperialism. American sugar plantation largely dominated Hawaii’s economy and as a result many natives established an intimate relationship with the United States. In 1893, a group of Hawaiians and American-planters organized a rebellion that overthrew the Hawaii government of Queen Liliuokalani (Foner 666). The Joint Resolution to Provide for Annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States (1898) was a treaty submitted to the Senate regarding the annexation of Hawaii.
In this treaty, it stated that the Hawaiian government must transfer all rights of sovereignty and power to the United States. This meant that the United States can take all public ownership of the buildings, ports, military equipment, harbors, land, and etc.(Annexing the Hawaiian 1898). Acquiring these public places can be essential to America’s global expansion. Taking over public buildings will allow US officials to control the Hawaiian people. Having the harbors will allow American ships to refill fuel, making trade to the Eastern Asia a lot easier than before. Gathering up more military equipment allow the Americans to put down rebels and put fear upon the Hawaiians.
If Hawaii became part of the United States the existing laws regarding to public land will not apply to the Hawaiian Islands. This means that any public laws that the American settlers violate will not be punished until Congress comes up with new laws. Without those regulations it will help those American planters to ta...

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...everal other wars was to increase its self- image. Just like aiding the Greek and Turkish government, it was so it can create the image of how the United States was there to watch out for everyone. However, underneath that it was solely on based self- interest.
It was hard to make a connection between the main source and the supporting source due to the time gap. The main source started off with the need of global expansion and that the United States was still far behind. In the supporting source the United States was no longer in that situation. Although the United States follow the same tactics to achieve their goal, one was the a treaty after America tried to annexed the country while the other was starting that intimate relationship. The secondary source provide a good amount of information on American imperialism and the evil of capitalism but it was too biased.

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