Essay on American Ethnic Literature And American Literature

Essay on American Ethnic Literature And American Literature

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Americans Literature has an immense amount if history with in it. There are many lessons that we have learned from reading and reviewing the history along with Americans Literature. There are many questions asking what is American Ethnic Literature, and this literature centers on the voices that govern out country. These voices work hard be heard, and will continue to struggle to be heard at all.
There is much importance that is carried with in the American ethnic literature. There is a legacy that is there in which we can still. American Ethnic literatures is the use of literature about racial groups that are socially different among those who live in the United Stated, most of the time the way people live in America are defined in the literature written by many different cultural groups. It is essential to be African American in order to write about the lives and history of American Ethnic literature of an African American person. I would not count if a Asian American women writes about the history of a African American life, because she would not be the one who grew up in there shoes, or living there live from childhood to coming to America.
There are also many political factors that revolve around the American Literature. The civil rights have made up of a large expansion from which literature came from. Audre Lorde had written many passages through her writing about her experiences with woman previously quieted or who were voiceless in literature. Audre Lorde was African American, she wanted t o give voice to the women in general who have tried to raise their own voices over men. She incorporated in her poetry “ a war against the tyrannies of silence, its not the difference that immobilizes us but silence.” She said thi...

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...ture that is spoken. Technology has also made form Americas Ethnic Literature. The creativity from the literary works have helped to make new technologies.
There are may proud names that we have reviewed in this paper, many of the times people from our history have risen above the silence to have their voices hear and have taken the chance to be heard in todays world. American ethnic literature is known today because of the many authors like Cathy Song, Ralph Ellison and Audre Lorde. These authors have made what is today, from the education of children as well. Children are now able to have a political understand of things. We are now able to have the understanding of our world’s cultures and have a greater intelligence on it. Today we have presented an improved understanding to the American society, in the political and economic that today’s world has revealed.

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