The American Educational System Is Failing Our Students Essay

The American Educational System Is Failing Our Students Essay

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One would think that because America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world the educational system would be just as great as the country 's wealth. However, as of lately news’ headlines read as follows, “The American Educational System is Failing Our Students” (Huffpost); “The American Dream is leaving America” (The New York Times), amongst many more. These news articles may come from different companies, but they all have one thing in common; they are all criticizing the American Educational System. American students tend to fall behind other students from a few different countries. America once held a spot in the top ten of the world’s best education, now it holds the 36th position. It is obvious that the American educational system has several flaws; some would blame the schools’ surrounding area (urban vs. non-urban), and the pressure that is placed upon the students with numerous amounts of testing. Nonetheless, these are some of many factors that contribute to impacts on the student and the school system.
Whether or not one believes that the educational system is failing (or is not); students in the system are definitely impacted and have educational learning experiences. I have experienced a handful of transformative educational experiences and isolating a single experience was difficult. Transformative learning by definition means an experience that changes understanding of the self, revision of belief system, and changes in one’s lifestyle. My experience in New Jersey Medical School for Summer Youth Scholars program (SYSP) definitely did just that; it is by far the most transformative event I have experienced thus far.
As I have mentioned before some place the blame of the failing American system upon the surro...

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...s always too scared to ask for help. However, my SYSP classmates were very different. They would be so confident in their answers and even if they were wrong, it did not matter. I learned that there is nothing wrong with not having the correct answer and in order to learn one must ask questions.
Overall, I would say that a child’s influences definitely have the most impact on their education. Thankfully for me this program made me see that there is a lot of competition among my peers and that made more eager to learn. This program made me realize that there is so much more than my hometown. I have grown so much as an individual because of this program and I will continue to take the positive effects on my journey to becoming successful. I now know that where I come from will not determine where I will go. Only my choices and actions will determine what is possible.

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