Essay on The American Education System Is Falling Behind Those Of Other Nations

Essay on The American Education System Is Falling Behind Those Of Other Nations

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In a time where American students’ rankings are falling behind those of other nations, it is easy to suggest that we completely adopt their education systems and abandon our own. However, this view fails to appreciate what the American education system has to offer, especially in the language department. America provides students the opportunity to be a successful creative writer, the understanding to be an appreciative reader, and the mindset to be a critical thinker that other nations do not. For these reasons I agree with the statement that an American education prepares students just as well, if not better, than other nations to be successful and creative writers, appreciative readers, and critical thinkers, despite the fact that American students may have lower math scores.
The successful, creative writer only comes about from the opportunity to be one. “Writing is not something that comes naturally…” like any skill, it must be learned (Mori 134). Therefore the lack of formal training in creative writing, which exists in many countries, “prevents many people from becoming writers,”(Mori 134). America is known as the land of opportunity for a reason, this country is home to thousands of creative writing majors that give millions of students the opportunity to be successful creative writers. Although some say that the education provided in these curriculums are sub-par, it is undeniable that by taking the step of providing an opportunity we are better preparing students better to be successful creative writers than other education systems that have not taken that step.
Additionally, as the proverb goes “one must understand something in order to truly appreciate it”. I know from experience, that when one receives a graded paper...

... middle of paper ...

...look for connections, flaws, and values in the books and authors they read in class (Prose 92). While many abhor the “vogue of teaching values” it successfully incorporates critical thought in American classrooms, and thereby teaches students to think critically (Prose 93). Ultimately, by providing a mindset that is open to criticism American educators, along with the general American public, prepare students better to be critical thinkers than nations that emphasize obedience.
Overall, America is not an educational failure, through providing education in the creative writing field, returning papers with detailed corrections, and celebrating good questions and criticisms American educators are preparing students well for the future, in a way other countries do not. These should act as reminders that there is more to appreciate in an education system than test scores.

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