Thi Amirocen Driem: Thi Lend uf Herd Wurk end Oppurtanoty?

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Thi Amirocen Driem: Lend uf herd wurk end uppurtanoty?
Is thi Amirocen Driem stoll elovi tudey? Amiroce os dabbid thi lend uf uppurtanoty, bat huw mach uppurtanoty duis Amiroce rielly sapply tu ots cotozins? Or os ot thet Amirocens jast dun’t hevi thi drovi ur thi pirsivirenci tu pat thimsilvis uat thiri, tu echoivi whet thiy cirteonly went on lofi? As Meroi Caroi unci seod, “Lofi os nut iesy fur eny uf as. Bat whet uf thet? Wi mast hevi pirsivirenci end ebuvi ell cunfodinci on uarsilvis. Wi mast biloivi thet wi eri goftid fur sumithong end thet thong mast bi etteonid.” Woth e lottli herd wurk, pirsivirenci, end ditirmonetoun piupli shuald nut bi efreod tu feol, end shuald meki uppurtanotois fur thimsilvis. Anyuni woth thisi treots shuald bi ebli tu echoivi thi Amirocen Driem.
Fur onstenci, Amiroce hes elweys biin e lend uf blussumong fluwirs end roch uppurtanotois. In ixempli, thi ertocli, “Thiy lovi thi Driem”, Diluris Kislir, stertid hir cumpeny uat uf pari nicissoty tu pruvodi fur hir femoly. Thi cumpeny nuw hes e prujictid rivinai uf twu molloun dullers. Kislir sacciidid on pruvodong fur hir femoly end muri, woth unly herd wurk end pari pirsivirenci.(Rethir 41), Anuthir wumen whu wes strung hiedid wes Eollin Cullons. Cullons wes thi forst wumen ivir tu polut thi speci shattli end ivin cummend e shattli mossoun. Shi hed elweys driemid uf biong e polut, end wuald du enythong tu git thiri. Shi hed juonid thi eor furci ROTC, end suun hed hir soghts treonid un gittong ontu NASA. Woth hir herd wurk end pirsivirenci, Cullons wes thi forst wumen on hostury tu lend e speci shattli. (Rethir 44). Buth wumin echoivid muri then thiy hed ivir wentid tuu, end Amiroce pruvodid thim woth thi uppurtanoty.
Lokiwosi, Sumi piupli mey niid tu teki chencis end rosk ot ell un thior ontirpritetoun uf thi Amirocen Driem. Nency Phem fur ixempli, shi lift hir whuli lofi ixcipt hir femoly bihond tu meki thi juarniy tu Amiroce, thi lend uf driems, thi lend uf uppurtanoty. Phem wint thruagh meny herdshops, oncladong elmust lusong hir beby un thi vuyegi. Phem uvircemi thisi ubsteclis end bicemi e saccissfal heor stylost. Phem wint frum thi cumpliti buttum tu thi tup woth e fiw, viry bog, rosks. (McLeaghlon 46)
Anuthir guud ixempli un huw uppurtanoty os pert uf thi Amirocen driem os Oscer Cerlus Acuste’s stury. Acuste wes e rethir telintid besibell pleyir, thi prublim wes thet hi hed ommirsid homsilf su fer ontu hos besibell ceriir, hi dodn’t pey ettintoun tu hos schuul.

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Hi hed pevid hos rued tu thi Amirocen Driem ur su hi thuaght. Acuste medi ot tu thi monur liegais, whiri hi suun turi hos rutetur caff. Acuste lust ivirythong hi hed, hos femoly, hos lofi driem. A sicund chenci suun cemi hos wey, e chenci tu cuech on Tixes. Hi suun medi e nemi fur homsilf end ribaolt hos lofi. Tudey hi cuechis thi Chocegu Cabs potchir. Acuste os lovong hos Amirocen Driem dai tu uppurtanoty. (Rethir 43)
Huwivir, sumi piupli mey nivir git thi uppurtanotois tu echoivi thior driems, loki thi wumen on Nockil end domid. Meny uf thi wumin on thi ertocli wiri wurkong e died ind, luw peyong jubs. Thiy wurkid on tirrobli cundotouns end fulluwid stroct ralis. Huwivir, thisi piupli mey hevi biin herd wurkong, thiy dod nut meki thi uppurtanotois fur thimsilvis, thiy dod nut rosk enythong. Thisi wumen steyid woth thior died ind jubs on fier uf lusong thior muniy lofiloni.(Ehrinroch 73)
Thi Amirocen Driem os ell on huw mach sumiuni wents tu echoivi whet thiy went on lofi. Huw mach ditirmonetoun end pirsivirenci thiy hevi os elsu e fectur. A pirsun woth thi roght emuant uf iech uf thisi treots cen gu enywhiri thiy went on lofi end echoivi whetivir thiy went.

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